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The most sought-after tech features in homes and condos

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Domestic living is changing in exciting ways, thanks to the “Internet of Things.” Separate physical devices are no longer limited to their independent functions. Linked by our now-essential wireless connections and made accessible through our handy mobile devices, these items form a practical ecosystem that improves day-to-day living.

These innovations are not just making modern homes more pleasant to live in, they are also helping homeowners retain and, at times, even add value to their real estate assets. Does your home benefit from these advanced features?

Real-time home security monitoring

Video-equipped security systems have been around since the mid-1960s, but the digitally connected era has given this technology an even more powerful application.

Video recording technologies have evolved by leaps and bounds, allowing the capture and transmission of high-definition footage in real-time – both in-home and through mobile devices. With homeowners now having a new way to monitor their homes on demand, wherever they may be, they can be assured of greater peace of mind.

Improved home security through smart locks

Smart locks are an emerging innovation that allows homeowners to use keyless entry for their homes. Access comes through a touchpad to enter a code or a mobile app that interfaces with the digital lock itself. Not only are they more secure – only the homeowner and their selected guests can be privy to customized entry codes – they also spare users from the hassles of forgetting or accidentally losing keys.

Smart locks are excellent complements to advanced security cameras, as well. While the risk of being caught on camera may deter criminals, it still falls short of physically keeping intruders outside the house.

Remote-controlled thermostats that learn your preferences

Guaranteeing optimal comfort and energy-efficiency, smart thermostats are must-haves in every modern home.

If you live in a big house, managing room temperatures can be a pain. There’s a risk of leaving the heater or AC on, even while the room is unoccupied. But with a centralized, smart thermostat-operated systems, users control temperatures in any room of their house via their Wi-Fi-connected mobile devices.

Smart thermostat technology also features adaptive programming that “learns” your usage patterns, timings, and preferences.

Wi-Fi-connected power outlets and switches

Eager to adopt the smart home lifestyle, but unable to upgrade your appliances? Retrofit your regular power outlets and light switches with Wi-Fi-connected smart plugs and smart switches. This is one of the most affordable ways to gain the advantage of wireless operation without renovating your entire wiring system.

Lighting conditions to suit every need and mood

From light fixtures that turn on and off as you step in and out of a room, to light bulbs that adjust from bright to dim to protect you from eye strain, smart lighting systems are improving living spaces while taking advantage of power-efficient LED bulbs.

New applications of adaptive lighting systems include color-changing features that can be used to set the mood for a party, movie viewing, a productive afternoon, or a relaxed evening of reading.

Kitchens that keep you satisfied

Smart refrigerators have been slow to gain momentum on the market since they were introduced to the market in the early 2000s, but with the rise of other smart appliances, it’s not too late.

Other kitchen appliances may find fanfare sooner. Smart stoves and ovens offer practical solutions that can improve home cooking. Coffee makers that start operating as soon as you wake up – as detected by your smartwatch or sleep app, for example – would be promising additions in the kitchen, as well.

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