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More Reasons to Live in Peninsula Condominium

Owning a property by the coast line of Miami is certainly a dream come true for many people. Having a view of the ocean the moment you open your eyes in the morning (or afternoon), sounds like a good way to start your day, doesn’t it? ...

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Why Purchase A Condo Today?

Owning a property is one of a great investment someone could have. While stocks and shares fluctuate quickly, investing in property in general is a safer bet. It’s relatively easy to start, as property’s value increases yearly one might sta...

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Why Buy a Property in Aventura?

Obviously living in a warmer climate is not such a bad idea. People tend to be happier, tastier foods, plenty of sunshine and clear blue sky are some of the attractive points about living in Florida. Then again, there are other states offering ...

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Part 2- Realtor Code of Ethics

Part 2- Your REALTORS Code of Ethics Earlier in the week, I answered a question posed to me  What is the difference between a real estate agent and a REALTOR? To see the outcome of this blog post head over here. FYI, I am a licensed Realtor i...

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Aventura REALTOR vs Real Estate Agent

I have had the pleasure of working with both Buyers and Sellers of real estate in Aventura, Florida. Quite often I am referred to as a real estate agent. This is correct and incorrect at the same time. This post is designed to set all straight ...

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The 40 Year Inspection

This week's question comes from a couple in Minnesota who are looking to invest in a second home here in Aventura, Florida.  They have been conducting a search online, using they tell me, and have come across properties that are...

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Time to plan

First Time Home Buyer | Aventura Florida

This week's I received a question from a millennium, lets call him Tim. This newly practicing lawyer has decided to purchase his first home in Aventura, Florida. Tims  question is as follows: Q. How do I purchase my first luxury home i...

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It is HOT! Why move to Aventura, Florida?

As the country melts in the summer heat I have had a question from a gentleman in Boston, Massachusetts. This week's question: Q. My wife and I are retiring at the end of this ear. We were considering a move to the Sunshine State and in p...

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Title Insurance

Do I need Title Insurance?

This week's question: Q. I am a 27-year old single mother. I recently inherited a large sum of money and have decided to purchase a luxury condo in Aventura for cash. Do I need Owners Title Insurance? A. One Word...YES! As a real es...

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Dollar sign

EB5 Visa – Immigration Thru Real Estate Investments

This question is very current with the number of foreign national investors we have in the Miami/Dade and Aventura areas of South Florida. Q. I need an EB5 visa. I understand that this type of visa is available by investing in real estate pr...

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